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Ultimate Protection for You and your Products

Almost 7% of all ecommerce items bought online are returned due to damage. By protecting items in a cushion of air damages can be virtually eliminated.

Our extensive inflatable air packaging range includes BUBL Bags, Pods, Void, Wrapping and Tubes and all are delivered uninflated, dramatically reducing the requirement for warehouse space; they are simple and quick to inflate with air, reducing packing time and cost. Critically, they are also environmentally friendly; all our inflatable air packaging products are recyclable and reusable. 

  • PACKAGING that protects your goods in a cushion of air, with solutions for everything from laptops and TVs to bottles of wine, gin and whiskey – and everything in between
  • We also supply high quality grade disposable gloves. Gloves protect you and your staff and ensure that your work environment is clean and safe.

Our goal is to exceed our customers’ expectations with unrivalled products and service; read our customer testimonials.


Our mission is to offer total product protection at the lowest possible cost to both our clients and the environment. Using our core BUBL Tec packaging knowledge – we focus on inflatable protective air packaging that can be reused and recycled, whilst providing exceptional levels of product protection.

Whether its BUBL Pods – designed to fit specific products, BUBL Bags our generic reusable packaging or BUBL Void solutions to fill the space left inside your cardboard boxes – we apply our core technology BUBL Tec to provide a huge range of generic and bespoke solutions to ensure that products arrive safely at their final destination.

Pack Smarter - Save the Planet - Save Money

Take a look at our videos to see for yourself how easy it is with BUBL Packaging.

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Why BUBL Packaging?

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    Maximum Product Protection

    Highly durable plastic and a cushion of air give complete protection.

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    Minimum Storage

    Our products are supplied uninflated so require much less space than traditional packaging.

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    Very Easy to Use

    Set up is easy and packing can be done at home or in a factory.

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    Super Quick Packing

    It takes just a few seconds to pack products - a fraction of the time compared to traditional packaging.

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    Highly Cost-Effective

    BUBL Packaging replaces all the bits and pieces needed in traditional packaging, saving significant cost.

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    Environmentally Friendly

    All our products are reusable and are made from 100% recyclable materials.

Highly Protective Packaging

Perfect protection for a diverse product range.
Our inflatable protective packaging is simply inflated using compressed air. BUBL Pods have multiple independent air chambers and they inflate to fit closely around your products. If one of the chambers is punctured your products are still protected as the rest remain inflated. Our ECO BUBL PODS are reusable, recyclable and perfect for protecting your precious products and are designed to be combined with our BUBL Boxes for excellent product protection. Our Heavy Duty BUBL PODS are also reusable, recyclable and perfect for protecting your precious products and are designed to be combined with our BUBL Mailing Bags for excellent product protection. All of our BUBL Pods offer lots of advantages: Eliminate transit damage Quick, clean and simple packaging process 100% Reusable 100% recyclable Up to 90% less warehouse storage space required Lower carbon footprint – very lightweight Moisture and humidity resistant ISO 9001 and 14001 Certifications We can quickly create custom BUBL Pods for virtually any product; BUBL Tec is our packaging design service - simply tell us about your packaging challenges. BUBL Pods are also referred to as Air Shock, Air Sac, Air Shield and various other names too! Don't be fooled by inferior poorly specified products - buy the best quality products right here!!
BUBL Cases BUBL Cases
Ideal protection for equipment that is frequently shipped.
BUBL Wrapping BUBL Wrapping
Complete protection for fragile, awkward or large products.
Perfect protection Surfboards, skateboards, SUP's and Snowboards
BUBL Tubes BUBL Tubes
Ultimate protection for difficult to ship goods.
For quick, simple and cost - effective void fill protection for a wide range of everyday, durable goods BUBL Void is the perfect solution
BUBL Boxes BUBL Boxes
Perfectly sized cartons to further protect your products ensuring you have ultimate protection for a wide range of products.
Disposable Gloves Disposable Gloves
Complete protection wherever you work; Medical Grade gloves ensure your safety, and protect your products and customers.

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How to Use BUBL Packaging

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